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Data Warehousing

Enabling informed and timely business decisions often requires information that is integrated and transformed to an acceptable level of quality within a reasonable time frame.

To quickly achieve optimum results, you can leverage our vast depth of experience in data warehousing while using industry-leading tools, processes and appropriate best practices that align with your organisation's Business Intelligence strategy and roadmap.

Our solutions include:

  • Data Warehouse Roadmap - Through collaboration between 2is’ Consulting and your team, we will develop a roadmap - the directions for driving the solution home - that addresses the processes, people, tools and architecture necessary to support a thriving and effective data warehouse programme.

  • Data Quality - Trusting your information is paramount to the success of critical decision-making. Effectively administering data quality requires a programme that successfully implements processes and governance while exploiting the capabilities of mature transformation, enrichment and data quality tools. With data quality you can be sure the information housed within the Data Warehouse environment conforms to and meets business rules and expectations

  • Data Migration - Is the process of making a copy of data and moving it from one device or system to another, ideally without disrupting or disabling active business processing.

    Organizations use data migration projects to increase data efficiency and improve data quality, It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade or consolidation

    2IS will support in the planning and execution of your data migration project, selecting efficient tools for migrating data, common errors to avoid and what types of data storage environments are best suited for your specific needs.

  • Data Governance - This is a fundamental practice for ensuring the availability, usability, quality, integrity and security of an organizations information.

    2IS solution for data governance is based on a agile/lean approach, this is focused on enabling people and motivating them to do the right things.

    2IS converts your organization data into a strategic asset that can be used to create competitive advantage, drive economic value and produce a higher ROI.

  • ETL - Extract, Transform, Load - ETL is used to migrate data from one or more source to another, to form data marts and data warehouses.

    Extract is the process of extracting the data from various sources. Each of the source systems may store its data in completely different format from the rest. The sources are usually flat files or RDBMS, but almost any data storage can be used as a source for an ETL process.

    Transform is the process of transforming the data according to set of business rules. The data transformation may include various operations including but not limited to filtering, sorting, aggregating, joining data, cleaning data, generating calculated data based on existing values, validating data e.t.c

    Load is the process of loading the transformed data into the destination target system, which might be a database or data warehouse.

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