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Business Intelligence - A 360° view of your business

Business intelligence (BI) is a field of practical application that takes, transforms and collated data from various areas in a business into useful data.

BI gives you the ability to analyse and display your key performance indicators (KPI’s) in a simple and understandable way, so that each unit in your enterprise are all working towards the same goals.

For companies aspiring to grow, where to compete is just as important as how. Success or failure depends on how quickly you respond to today's rapidly changing market conditions and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions empower organisations like yours with the insight necessary to make better decisions faster.

2IS’ can help with your business intelligence requirements and add real value to your data. We consistently strive to deliver solutions that reduce costs, increase profits, improve efficiency, productivity and accountability, as well as the insight required to be more successful.

2IS’ will manipulate and provide easily accessible information that:

  • Turn customer insights into profitability - Track the buying behaviour of your customers over time and across products, to identify the most profitable likely purchases for key customers
  • Better informed and faster decision making - Pull all your data into a single source, extract the key insights needed for effective decision making and get them to the right people quickly
  • Empower your employees - Provide each employee with relevant information that’s tailored to their role, and help them add more value to your business
  • Gain a real-time view of key performance data - Drill business performance summaries right down to transactional data so you get accurate performance statistics as they happen.

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